🆎 AB Button (Blood Type)


Universal Recipient, Receiver, Amalgam, Blood Line, Merge, AB Positive, AB Negative

🆎 Meaning: A capital ‘A’ and ‘B’ painted in white onto a glossy red square with blunt corners and sides. The 🆎 AB Button (Blood Type) emoji indicates the ‘AB’ blood group, both the negative and positive aspects of it.

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How and When to Use the 🆎 AB Button (Blood Type) Emoji

  • The double-initial style of 🆎 makes it a great logo, to begin with. If your name and your surname, your brand, or even the initials of a couple, etc., begin with ‘A’ and ‘B’ respectively, you could use 🆎 to represent the same.
  • The 🆎 blood type is an amalgam of the 🅰️ A Blood Type and the 🅱️ B Blood Type; essentially, the blood child of the two. Although there are other individual possibilities for such a union, 🆎 can easily signify a ‘blood union’. For instance, “We unite by blood at the human level 🆎”.
  • Besides, 🆎 is a universal recipient; meaning, it can receive blood from any blood type. If you’re figuratively referring to this ability to grasp, contain and receive, 🆎 might be a smart emoji. For example, “Be quick to give, not to take 🆎” (whoops, sorry, 🆎 blood group).
  • 🆎 is a blessing in the context of blood donations. If you’re sharing a personal post, repost, requesting the donation of this blood type, use 🆎. It helps boiling out all confusion regarding the type of blood donation.

Other Names

  • 🆎 AB Blood Group
  • 🆎 Blood Type AB
  • 🆎 AB Positive
  • 🆎 AB Negative
  • 🆎 Universal Recipient
  • 🆎 Capital ‘A’ and ‘B’ on Red Square
  • 🆎 Negative Squared AB