🅱️ B Button (Blood Type)


B Blood Group, Blood Type, B Positive, B Negative, Rarity, Uncommon

🅱️ Meaning: A button emoji similar to the 🅰️ A Button, but with a capital replacement of the ‘A’ with a ‘B’. The 🅱️ B Button (Blood Type) emoji is a reference to the ‘B’ blood group, encompassing both the negative and the positive variations.

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How and When to Use the 🅱️ B Button (Blood Type) Emoji

  • Contradicting the stats of the ‘A’ blood type, 🅱️ is one of the rarest blood types (‘negative’ being rarer than ‘positive’). So, if you’re a “creative emoji-user”, you could drop in the 🅱️ while speaking of rarity. For instance, “You’re rare. You’re existence as a human is rare 🅱️”.
  • Picking up from the name of 🅱️ – B Button (Blood Type), this emoji signifies a button; a mode of selection and choice (ironic, yes). However, if you are referring to any other expansion for 🅱️ and you’re informing your audience to choose the same, use this emoji.
  • Examples for the previous point – “GUYS! Remember. Tomorrow at the voting booth, it’s 🅱️ for Becca as Student Council Head, got it?” or “When you have the choice, why don’t you choose to 🅱️ positive!”.
  • If you’re using an abbreviation or an acronym that has a ‘B’ in it, 🅱️ would be a cute substitute. This applies even if your name begins with a ‘B’ and you want that extra dash of color on your social media profile.

Other Names

  • 🅱️ Blood Type ‘B’
  • 🅱️ ‘B’ Blood Group
  • 🅱️ Capital B on Red Square
  • 🅱️ B +ve (B Positive)
  • 🅱️ B -ve (B Negative)
  • 🅱️ Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter B