🅾️ O Button (Blood Type)


Commonality, Universality, Donating, O Positive, O Negative, Blood Type

🅾️ Meaning: A bold, capital ‘O’ printed in white over a red square that is rounded around the corners. The 🅾️ O Button (Blood Type) emoji represents the ‘O’ blood group, as the name suggests.

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How and When to Use the 🅾️ O Button (Blood Type) Emoji

  • The ‘O’ blood type signifies universality, given its universal-donating power. If you’re referring to this power in any context; literal and metaphorical, you can use 🅾️. Like, “I can universally save lives! 🅾️” or “It feels great to be someone who can give to the whole world 🅾️”.
  • Also, 🅾️ is the most common blood type. If you’re talking about your ‘blood brothers/family/sisters’ etc., bring in this emoji. For instance, “We may not share the same mother, but we share the same blood 🅾️”.
  • 🅾️ tends to be ambiguous in its interpretations, given that it could be a hollow, a circular ring, a zero, or even just a loop. The background too, could mean a lot of things; danger, love, passion, etc. Baring these obscurities in mind, you could use 🅾️ to fit suitable contexts.

Other Names

  • 🅾️ ‘O’ Blood Type
  • 🅾️ Blood Group O
  • 🅾️ O Positive
  • 🅾️ O Negative
  • 🅾️ Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter O
  • 🅾️ Bold White O on Red Square