〰️ Wavy Dash


Linear, Wave, Hyphen, Style, Characterization, Wavy Hair, Curls, Beach Waves

〰️ Meaning: A short and linear wavy line with a couple of subtle ups and downs. The 〰️ Wavy Dash, in reality, is a fancy hyphen. It could be the emoji version of the punctuation ‘~’. Nonetheless, it highlights anything that it precedes or intersects.

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How and When to Use the 〰️ Wavy Dash Emoji

  • 〰️ is not a straight line, it’s linear, but it has its own jazz. This description fits a lot of things; growth, beauty, individuality, improvement, and many other themes. Hence, this emoji would be a valuable addition to empowering captions.
  • Examples for the previous point – “Growth is never linear 〰️ Allow yourself that liberty” or “We’re all beautiful in our own splendid way 〰️”.
  • If you’re typing out a caption or a quote for a post/repost, something that needs that extra emphasis, you may use 〰️. Like, “〰️ Trust the process 〰️”.
  • However, most times, 〰️ is used to navigate the source of a particular quote. For instance, “What you seek is seeking you 〰️ Rumi”.
  • Similarly, 〰️ can be incorporated into your social media profile name, as an added weightage to your name/identity. For example, “〰️ Paulo Coelho” (oh, I wish).
  • Since 〰️ is a ‘wavy dash’, you could use it as a reference to anything that’s wavy by nature; wavy hair, wavy hairstyles, wavy painting, etc.

Other Names

  • 〰️ Wave
  • 〰️ Wavy Hyphen
  • 〰️ Wavy Punctuation
  • 〰️ Wave
  • 〰️ Wavy Character
  • 〰️ Crinkly
  • 〰️ Curly Dash