🛂 Passport Control


Border Control, Checking, Official Procedure, International Travel, Immigration, Airport Checks

🛂 Meaning: A squared blue emoji with the depiction of a passport officer, shown from the face till the torso, with a hat, a sling bag, and an extended arm holding a passport in hand (or slightly above it).

The 🛂 Passport Control emoji represents the official procedure of passport checks at international borders or airports. This emoji signifies verification, crossing borders, airport regulations, international travel, and maybe even immigration laws.

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How and When to Use the 🛂 Passport Control Emoji

  • Passport control deals with borders, which could also be translated into ‘boundaries’ or a sense of traveling or ‘moving’ across these borders. This very interpretation could be used metaphorically as well.
  • Here are two examples for the previous point – “Whoops! You seem to be stepping on a very delicate boundary here 🛂” or “Can I trust you with this personal boundary? 🛂”.
  • Passport control or border control/checks come into play in the scenario of immigration. If you’re using ‘immigration’ literally or metaphorically, bring in 🛂. Like, “Once you’re an immigrant, you never forget that you are one 🛂”.
  • Apart from just ‘passport control’, 🛂 could be used in a general sense of ‘checking’ or ‘checks’ as well. For instance, “Just doing some quality check 🛂” or “You always need to do a “loyalty check” before you trust somebody 🛂”.

Other Names

  • 🛂 Passport Checking
  • 🛂 Border Control
  • 🛂 Immigration Laws
  • 🛂 Border Checks
  • 🛂 Airport Checking
  • 🛂 Airport Procedures
  • 🛂 International Travel Procedure