🚱 Non-Potable Water


Non-Consumable, Deathly, Unfit, Gardening, Drought, Incapacity, Unthirsty

🚱 Meaning: A glass of water and a garden tap paired together, in the same manner as the 🚰 Potable Water. This description is placed within a 🚫 Prohibition and covered around with a black or white background.

The 🚱 Non-Potable Water indicates water that’s not for human (or animal) consumption. Essentially, it signifies the need to bring your own water bottle and that the available water could be used for all other purposes other than drinking.

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How and When to Use the 🚱 Non-Potable Water Emoji

  • Since water symbolizes life, drinking water suggests a sense of giving life, and thus, 🚱 would suggest something that’s not ‘life-giving’, which makes it avoidable. So, if you’re referring to something that’s best distanced from, use this emoji.
  • Instances of the previous use-case: “Keep away from things and people who don’t make you feel alive 🚱” or “We’re like plants. We grow with the right things and die with the wrong ones 🚱”.
  • While referring to a sense of ‘being dry’, or a drought, you can use 🚱 – “It’s unfortunate that we have more cases of drought than that of thirst 🚱” or “We all long for a lot of things, and there just isn’t enough 🚱”.
  • Non-potable water rather indicates the abundance of water for other uses; washing, gardening, bathing, etc. If you’re referring to any of these usages, bring in 🚱.

Other Names

  • 🚱 Not Fit For Drinking
  • 🚱 Drought
  • 🚱 Lack of Drinking Water
  • 🚱 Water Not Consumable
  • 🚱 Not Drinking Water
  • 🚱 Do Not Drink This Water