🚫 Prohibited


Restriction, Ban, Disallowance, Limitation, No, No Entry, Rejection, Removal

🚫 Meaning: A red outlined circle with a slash or oblique of the same color stretching from the top corner to the bottom. On some platforms, this emoji is shown with a white background.

The 🚫 Prohibited emoji signifies prohibition as the name suggests, along with related themes such as restriction and banning. Although usable in similar contexts as ⛔ No Entry, this emoji would suggest a legal tangent to the otherwise casual ‘entry restriction’.

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How and When to Use the 🚫 Prohibited Emoji

  • Generally, 🚫 can be used as a way of responding with a big, fat, “NO” – “Not happening 🚫” or “I told you already 🚫”. This applies even in common contexts of rejection – “List of those who didn’t make it 🚫”.
  • Prohibition represents an official ban on certain commodities. Hence, 🚫 may be used to refer to anything that is stringently banned or even a highly exclusive area.
  • Some instances for the previous point – “Staying home for the next few weeks, practicing self-quarantine 🚫” or “Kids Not Allowed 🚫”.
  • 🚫 could also act as an alert or an alarm for mostly negative or cautionary frameworks. For example, “Do not refresh the page before confirmation 🚫” or “No entry to the contest without registration 🚫”.
  • If you’re sharing newsworthy posts or reposts about a legal ban, 🚫 is a must. Like, “Alcohol sale banned in these states 🚫” or “Here is a list of strict DO NOTs this New Year 🚫”.

Other Names

  • 🚫 Prohibited
  • 🚫 Banned
  • 🚫 Not Allowed/Disallowed/No Entry
  • 🚫 Ban/Banned
  • 🚫 Restriction
  • 🚫 No Entry Sign
  • 🚫 Circle Backslash
  • 🚫 No
  • 🚫 Red Circle Crossed
  • 🚫 Restricted