🚯 No Littering


Cleanliness, Responsibility, Trash, Throwing, Carelessness, Discipline, Negativity, Toxicity

🚯 Meaning: A white painted figurine of a person, standing and holding out the right arm while throwing a couple of rectangles onto the ground. This entire description is embedded within a 🚫 Prohibition.

The 🚯 No Littering emoji represents a person throwing trash onto the ground; an antonymic depiction of 🚮 Littering in the Bin. Although this emoji doesn’t give the option of a trashcan, it strictly prohibits ruining a public/private premise with one’s trash/garbage.

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How and When to Use the 🚯 No Littering Emoji

  • While talking about negativity and toxicity, 🚯 would be a valuable input. Like, “Beware of toxicity, for it’s freely available everywhere 🚯” or “If you cannot say something positive, don’t say anything at all 🚯”.
  • The same perspective as the previous point could be directly incorporated as well. For example, “He sprinkles toxic behavior like confetti 🚯. And the best part is, it’s just as deceptive!”.
  • 🚯 could also be a reflection of cleanliness and order. For instance, “Where there’s compassion, there’s consideration 🚯” or “Keep your mind clean, everything else will follow 🚯”.
  • You may use 🚯 even in the context of ‘dumping’, ‘bottling’, or ‘filling’ something negative or ‘unhealthy’ – “Don’t bottle your head with such terrible thoughts! 🚯” or “Stop dumping your need for validation on everything but you 🚯”.

Other Names

  • 🚯 No Littering Symbol
  • 🚯 Do Not Throw Trash
  • 🚯 Cleanliness
  • 🚯 Do Not Litter
  • 🚯 Do Not Throw Trash Around (take it with you)
  • 🚯 Maintenance