🚮 Litter in Bin


No Littering, Cleanliness, Responsibility, Common Sense, Trashcan, Throwing Trash, Trash Talk

🚮 Meaning: A square sign with the figure of a human or a person raising the right hand and tossing a squarish object into a tapered rectangular outline; which essentially represents trash thrown into the trashcan.

The 🚮 Litter in Bin emoji is an indication of lacking common sense; throwing trash into the bin, and not anywhere else. It could be metaphorically understood as a way of saying “everything has its place” or just, don’t litter.

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How and When to Use the 🚮 Litter in Bin Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone to throw the trash in the trashcan, but figuratively, use 🚮. Like, “You need to stop carrying trash around, man. Throw those wasteful relationships into the bin and move on! 🚮”.
  • ‘Do Not Litter’ is a popular sign almost everywhere – which basically means, do not filth out the place with thy filth. For example, “People who cannot contain their own garbage spread it 🚮” or “We already have enough to deal with, let your trash not be an addition 🚮”.
  • 🚮 could also be a sign for “picking up after oneself” or in simpler words, taking responsibility for your own actions – “No one’s put on this planet to pick up after you. Grow up and do it yourself 🚮”.
  • If you’re sharing a ‘triggering post’ that has a high possibility of inviting hateful comments, you may welcome 🚮 into the caption or the ‘warning’. For instance, “Do not trash talk in here 🚮”.

Other Names

  • 🚮 Do Not Litter
  • 🚮 Throw Trash in the Trashcan
  • 🚮 Person With Trash
  • 🚮 Put Litter in Trash
  • 🚮 Put Litter in its Place Symbol
  • 🚮 Put Trash in its Place
  • 🚮 No Littering
  • 🚮 Pick Up After Yourself
  • 🚮 Be Responsible