📘 Blue Book


Rules, Rule Book, Government Officials, Confidential Info, Test Booklet, Govt. Listings

📘 Meaning: A ‘Vol 3’ book in the series of book emojis, designed with a blue covering and a black filament at the center. The 📘 Blue Book emoji could refer to official books containing the listings of govt. officials or any other government-aided information; public or confidential.

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How and When to Use the 📘 Blue Book Emoji

  • If you’re using the idea or concept of a ‘rule book’ in any context, you may consider 📘. For example, “Forget the rules, I threw away the whole rule book for you 📘” (cheesed out AF, but Q).
  • 📘 can also be used while referring to the government or any aspect of the same; it could be a repost of the latest regulations, govt. policies, election elects, etc.
  • If you’re implying to government officials in any way, then too, you can use 📘; it can be a tribute post, a recent political repost, etc.
  • Setting the government reference aside, use 📘 even while talking about examinations (school, college/university). Like, “Hey, weren’t we given booklets the last time we wrote this test? 📘” or “I’m still stuck at the beginning of the entire syllabus 📘 How FKN sad is that”.

Other Names

  • 📘 Government Book
  • 📘 List of Government Officials
  • 📘 Booklet
  • 📘 Test Booklet
  • 📘 Book With Blue Covering
  • 📘 Blue Booklet
  • 📘 Volume 3