Category: 🇮🇳 Flags

🇦🇹 Flag: Austria

East Alpine, German, Landlocked, Vienna, Republic of Austria, Schengen, European Union, AT

🇦🇺 Flag: Australia

Commonwealth of Australia, Australian Continent, Canberra, Least Arability, Low Population, AU

🇦🇼 Flag: Aruba

Aruban Flag, Constituent Country, Kingdom of Netherlands, Island, Caribbean, AW

🇦🇽 Åland Islands

Åland Flag, Archipelago, Independence, Autonomous State, Smallest, Finland, Demilitarized

🇧🇧 Flag: Barbados

West Indies, Lesser Antilles, North American, Caribbean, Island Country, Bajan, Bridgetown

🇧🇮 Flag: Burundi

Republic of Burundi, Great Rift Valley, Landlocked Country, Gitega, Bujumbura, Kirundi, Christianity

🇧🇳 Flag: Brunei

Southeast Asia, Brunei, Borneo, South China Sea, Bruneian, BN, Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace

🇧🇴 Flag: Bolivia

South America, West-Central, Plurinational State of Bolivia, La Paz, Sucre, Bolivian, Mostly Christan

🇧🇷 Flag: Brazil

Federative Republic of Brazil, South America, Latin America, Brazilian, Portuguese, Largest Country