🇹🇬 Flag: Togo


Togolese Republic, West Africa, Lomé, French, Ewe, Kabiye, Togolese, TG

🇹🇬 Meaning: A rectangular flag with a background composed of alternate green and yellow horizontal stripes, that is further overlapped by a red square on the top-left corner with a white five-pointed star.

The 🇹🇬 Flag: Togo emoji represents the Togolese Republic, a West African country popularly known as just ‘Togo’. This flag emoji is shown with its country code ‘TG’ on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇹🇬 Flag of Togo
  • 🇹🇬 Flag of the Togolese Republic
  • 🇹🇬 Togolese Flag
  • 🇹🇬 Country Code – TG