🇺🇬 Flag: Uganda


Republic of Uganda, Ugandan, East-Central Africa, Kampala, Swahili, Mostly Christian, UG

🇺🇬 Meaning: A rectangular flag with two sets of a horizontal triband composed of black, yellow, and orange bands, one below the other. At the center of this design is a small white disc printed with a left-facing grey-crowned crane.

The 🇺🇬 Flag: Uganda emoji refers to the Republic of Uganda, an East-Central African country, informally known as just ‘Uganda’. This country possesses a country code of ‘UG’ that appears on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇺🇬 Flag of Uganda
  • 🇺🇬 Flag of the Republic of Uganda
  • 🇺🇬 Ugandan Flag
  • 🇺🇬 Country Code – UG