➰ Curly Loop


Curls, Hair, Texture, Tangles, Stitching, Embroidery, Thread, Loop, Knot

Meaning: A single dark-grey line, looped at the center, with an equal end on each side. The ➰ Curly Loop emoji doesn’t have a specific interpretation. It could represent anything that’s slightly curled or even honing a single loop.

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How and When to Use the ➰ Curly Loop Emoji

  • ➰ may represent a looped twine, thread, something that weaved itself into a loop, mostly, accidentally. For instance, “I have NO idea how my earphones always manage to screw themselves up like this ➰” or “There was an ugly loop sticking out of the embroidery ➰”.
  • From one perspective, ➰ can be a representation of the stage before you make a knot; essentially, the free stage, before tying up the same piece of fabric. Like, “It was then that I realized, I messed up, BIG TIME ➰” or “It was a fraction of a second before things ended ➰”.
  • The loop in ➰ may have quite a few use-cases. For example, “I think I’m stuck in a loop ➰”, “You made me fall in love with your love loop ➰” or “It’s just a never-ending loop of necessity ➰”.
  • While posting or reposting pictures or videos of curly hair, preferably the range between waves and 3A, you could add ➰ into the caption. This applies even while describing curly/wavy hair textures in any context.

Other Names

  • ➰ Curly Hair
  • ➰ Curls
  • ➰ Curly
  • ➰ Loop
  • ➰ Thread
  • ➰ Curling Loop
  • ➰ Single Curl