😁 Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji Guide

A great way to say cheese, virtually 😁

Every smile is a powerful indicator of a person’s emotions that are both visible, on the surface, and deeper. If the face is the index of a person’s mental frame, then the smile does most of the talking – right after the eyes. Any emotional state correspondingly drives this curve housing teeth and the sharpest weapon – as we’re unconsciously expressing all the time. Sometimes, with a straight line and sometimes, a beaming arch. But it’s not only the mouth that validates an emotion on the facial level.

The eyes, most importantly do that job. Without these two buttons, reading faces and picking up on social cues would be uncomfortable and confusing. The eyes complement what the mouth is saying and enhance emotional expressiveness. And here’s the deal – genuine expression is involuntary. We wouldn’t even know how much our face is talking, but it is, and most of the time, it’s saying more than we intend! We may not always beam with joy, but when we do, it’s the easiest face to tell.

If you’ve smiled at a child or done something goofy, you would notice radiance smiling back at you. So vibrant that that smiling energy transmits onto your face and before you know it, you’re beaming with smiling eyes too! The secret to this expression and the inspired emoji is genuinity – which we aim to decode in this post. Read on to know everything about the beaming face with smiling eyes emoji and the story behind and in front of it. Presenting, the beaming face with smiling eyes! 😁

Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

Meaning of 😁

The 😁 Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes emoji is not only the most genuine of all smiling emojis, but it’s also the most heartfelt. The wide, toothed grin and the heartwarming smile expressed by the eyes is something that’s uniquely present only in this emoji.

Firstly, this emoji signifies child-likeness. It suggests innocence, playfulness, and a resounding sense of confidence as well. 😁 conveys an honest smile irrespective of the emotion beyond the screen. It creates an open, interactive, and free persona, online.

Baring One’s Teeth While Smiling

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Teeth are associated only with one thing – they bite. Gritted teeth can be a morose physical feature in most creatures, a horrifying sight, and not to mention, a paralyzing situation to face. But, teeth, amongst us, humans, seem to have been ground off of the aggression. We possess teeth, but not all of us bite. Showing some teeth, under the right conditions, is considered favorable, attractive, and socially pleasing. How strange.

Imagine an animal baring its teeth at you. If you didn’t know any better, it would be a cue to probably run for your life. Now, imagine the evolved animal – humans, doing the same. It’s a sign they’re friendly, seemingly harmless, and polite. What could possibly be the reason for this strange assumption?

When we smile with our teeth, both the upper and the lower jaws are intact and close to each other. They aren’t parted. If they were to be, then even humanly toothy smiles would be downright frightening and a cause to run away from the person. But, that’s never the case, and this is how broad, open, and toothed smiles are symbols of pure happiness.

Is it Necessary to Show Teeth While Smiling?

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Bluntly speaking, it’s not. Teeth are not mandatory when it comes to smiles and smiling is not a challenge without them. There’s a ton of authentic smiling that goes on in the world without a show of the pearly whites or yellows. But, here’s the catch. Each smile tells a different story – which is not always happy and cheerful – all depending on the number of teeth and the angle of the curve – is it upward enough, is the question!

As generic as a smile and the emotion attached to it is, this facial gesture ironically is as specific as it gets. Smiles are universal expressions, topically understood as marks of happiness, but that’s not always the case.

Smiling can be the accompanying visage of many emotional responses or stimuli. There’s the smile of deception, the fake smile, the smile of pride, the angered smile, the sad smile, the lost smile, the forced smile, the awkward smile, the pained smile, etc. – each having their own bare characteristics unique to the person bearing them. And teeth are often not part of all these expressions. They stay hidden and for good reasons.

Voluntarily showing all teeth with glued jaws is a green signal. It is interpretative of child-likeness because comparatively, children smile more boldly, confidently, and transparently. Not to say that adult smiles are all the way through, deceptive, but we’re a little more conservative when it comes to smiling than children.

Nonetheless, in both groups, a modest smile with no show of teeth does indicate genuineness, but with a necessary feature. Smiling eyes!

Why Some Prefer Not to Show Teeth While Smiling

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Considering the positive notions of showcasing teeth while smiling, this may or may not come as a surprise, but many prefer to go “modest” most of the time. Two explanations for this are choice and confidence. As doubly mentioned before, 😁 and the smile it puts on is symbolic of unrattled confidence. And to shine such a confident smile, one needs confidence.

It’s not the professional, personal, or public confidence, it’s all in the dental confidence. A person’s conviction about their oral hygiene says a few, but important things about the grit they have in smiling with their teeth.

Although that’s a plausible reason for some smiles to hide teeth, there’s a bigger explanation behind this difference, apart from choice – a bodily impossibility. Some smiles, no matter how broad and how wrinkled the eyes, just don’t expose teeth! The mouth is just designed that way.

Though we and this emoji encourage more people to show more teeth while smiling, it’s not strange when someone simply doesn’t – it could be a personal choice or a physical restriction.

However, there are many cases where someone thinks they ought to be hesitant while showing teeth because someone told them to. If you do find or know someone who follows this caging belief due to the fear of social rejection, do us a favor and boost them to smile with all their teeth! And if you are that person, here’s a piece of advice – Damn society to the ground shine that toothy smile! With your eyes, ofc.

Significance of the Smiling Eyes in 😁

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Amongst the ambiguity and visible complexity of a smile and its variety, there’s something as simple as genuineness.

Picture this. You see someone crying. You see that they have the ‘sad face’, the downward curve on their mouth, and they’re gloomy as hell. They say they’re crying but you can tell they’re not – simply because there aren’t any tears. Now, this is an easy hint that they’re faking sadness or are imagining things. You can tell for a fact that they’re not crying, although they tell you otherwise. Maybe they’re crying, but on the inside. Nothing on the outside, for sure. It could be a discomforting situation.

The same goes for happiness as well. You can only tell that it is genuine when the eyes are just as happy as the rest of the face. This may be “cliché”, outdated, or plain boring, but when they call the eyes the mirrors of the soul, there is some truth in it.

Even without the debatable tangent of spirituality, our eyes are surely the reflections of our emotions. They’re the gateway to what’s beyond thick emotional walls, if not beyond the physical altogether. They speak for themselves and when they do, they say nothing but the truth. This is why our eyes are unafraid to wrinkle because they’re busy expressing, truly.

A beaming face with blank eyes could mean anything – from outright creepiness to other adjectives of discomfort. Moreover, a wide grin with expressionless eyes can be a clue to a fake or forced smile. It takes the eyes to turn the game around – just like for any other emotion.

The cause for the 😁 beaming face with smiling eyes emoji to be the most genuine and cheerful of all smiling emojis is the broad smile, but mostly it’s the smiling eyes. Without the latter, this positive and honest smiling personality would be nowhere close to the emoji. A pair of smiling eyes can render any smile, genuine – with or without teeth.

Take the 😊 smiling face with smiling eyes and the 😄 grinning face with smiling eyes for instance – both emojis undoubtedly evoke a natural expression of joy, and the reason is the eyes. They’re smiling along with the mouth, thus facilitating a smile that’s original, friendly, and fearless.

What it Means When Someone Sends 😁

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Before we dive into the probable interpretations of 😁 in textual conversations, here’s a subtle disclaimer.

This emoji does not necessarily require the emotional vulnerability most emojis do. It could deeply resonate with some senders and they can use 😁 regardless of how close they are to you or they may resort to saving it only for people who are close enough – like other emojis.

When a Stranger Sends 😁

Generally, strangers who are planning on staying as acquaintances will refrain from sending 😁. However, if they do send this message in the first few chats, it’s a sign they want to be more than just acquaintances to you. This emoji can be a safe mark of likability (that they like you) and would want to know you more – for different reasons.

😁 can be a goofy way of bringing out the friend in you and then, hopefully, proceeding linearly or branching out into different labels. We say this because things are not always simple online, most of the time. Even the most “friendly” ways of using emojis can have some serious motives. Other reasons why a stranger would send 😁 is to get on your goofy side, but with the intent of romantically pursuing you afterward, or it may be the person’s way of seeming friendly at first and later turning out horrendous.

Texting strangers is a tricky situation with or without emojis. The only way you can get past this trick is to either completely avoid texting them or to be quick to read them and shortly decide if you want to chat or not.

When an Acquaintance Sends 😁

Here we’re including all kinds of acquaintance relationships – both professional and familial. The key is that they’re distant, but not invisible. They’re still within the radar of familiarity. When someone is this uninvolved with you as a person, but more involved with your designation, an emotional distance is expected. Now, we’re not saying that it takes emotional closeness for someone to send 😁, but it does take a qualifiable amount of amiability that’s quite often not corporate behavior.

If you share that typical kind of acquaintanceship, then 😁 would be an emoji to ponder – because this is, contextually, a non-typical emoji. So, when an acquaintance sends 😁, it would only go onto mean that they’re aiming to be more than just your acquaintance. Depending on the primary relationship, the sender may be seeking friendship, romantic affiliation, or a closer familial connection. In any case, they want to start cutting down the walls and eventually reaching as close as they can and are allowed to.

When a Friend Sends 😁

This type of sender is the one between the acquaintance zone and the best friend zone. They’re the friend-zoned. They are close to you but not enough to influence you in any way. They’re the people you would want to invite to the wedding but not the party. They’re the definition of formalities. If you have a lot of friends, then you’re not a stranger to 😁, because this emoji is quintessential to this set of people. They don’t shy from using 😁 but may think twice before using any of the 😘 kissing face emojis.

If you’re the kind to have very few friends because the people in your life are acquaintances, best friends, and family, then a friend sending the 😁 can mean that the sender is starting to like you. They may want to be friends, and hence try loosening you up as well with this emoji. If this person is a close someone who went back to being a friend or friend-zoned, then 😁 could be a sure shot sign they’re trying to rekindle whatever died out – if they don’t usually send this emoji, that is.

When a Date Sends 😁

The reasons why someone who aims to get naked with you would send 😁 are slightly complicated than the other groups of senders – because, usually, many dates and potential dates restrain from goofiness in the first few conversations for fear of losing the person over their true self – unless they have the confidence of a clown. And they stick to it, unapologetically.

So, in such a sophisticated virtual scenario, having a date send you one of the most playful emojis would mean that they’re being as transparent as possible with you, they’re playing around (which could also hint that they will be adequately playful in the future as well – if things work out), they’re a goofball, they’re playing cute or the classic way of goofing around while being seductive, or the person(s) is disinterested in dating and wants to be friends. There may be other colorful reasons or none at all too.

What Does Multiple 😁 Mean

In contrast to many emojis on the list, the 😁 emoji is singly capable of being as expressive as its own multiplied self. It’s an emoji that can solely brighten up a page without the necessity to assert with many of its kind. Besides, adding plenty of the beaming face with smiling eyes emojis can create a gaudy appearance online. But, that doesn’t mean this emoji cannot be inserted more than once – it can be and it is! So what does this extravagance mean – 😁😁 or 😁😁😁 or 😁😁😁😁.

For one, multiple 😁 can get creepy. It’s a sweet, honest emoji and all, but too much of something could fuel adversity. Secondly, if someone goes ahead and still sends several 😁, then it’s a sign they’re either being annoying or they’re genuinely trying to mean all that this emoji signifies multiplied by the number of 😁 they’re sending. It can suggest extra cuteness, extra confidence, extra happiness, extra innocence, etc. However, we vouch for the first interpretation.

When to Use 😁

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Since 😁 is the emoji of excitement and child-like happiness and innocence, it would ideally be the go-to emoji in respective contexts – you would use this emoji to respond to or say something exciting. But that’s not where the use-case of this emoji ends. Although primarily 😁 does signify naivety, this emoji is a lot smarter than that.

Smoothing Out Possibly Sharp Edges

If you were to drop a casually controversial text message, caption, or comment, this emoji can balance things out. You could say the worst thing with 😁 and trust us, you may just get away with it. Albeit we say ‘worst’ we don’t mean harmful, offensive, or hurtful. We mean all of that, but in a casual sense – sarcasm, in other words.

  • Now that you’ve learnt how to cook, I hope you season the chauvinism with something tasteful too 😁
  • Oh, you’re not stupid, man. You’re just very very ridiculous 😁
  • I didn’t mean to offend, but it is what it is 😁

This emoji is a gem when it comes to smoothing out rough patches and edges, online. You could further extend this use case by bringing this emoji into other conversations that may be tougher than the rest.

  • You’re anyways such a dependent baby, aren’t you 😁
  • It would be great to get a day’s off from fathering a girlfriend 😁

Staying Confident

Now, this emoji ain’t biased. It’s not a saving grace only to the sender, but the receiver as well (who would be the sender in this segment). If you’re on the receiving end of the “casual” hurt, offense, or plain sarcasm, then too, this emoji works wonders in replying with sass.

We talked about 😁 being a confident emoji, remember? You can apply that confidence in any context and it would pass as a casual yet headstrong response. You ain’t rattled by nothing when you use 😁.

  • Haha, yeah. What can I say? I love the attention 😁
  • Hehe thenx, I know I’m awesome that way 😁 (to a text that was intended to put you down)

Receiving and Giving Compliments

Compliments are something many people are awkward about. If you don’t know how to take a compliment or if you’re apprehensive about the “suitable” response for compliments, then 😁 can be your savior. A single insertion of this emoji with or without verbatim can prove to be a compelling and polite reply to something nice said about you.

Most of the time, 😁 works both ways. If you really want to compliment someone but are somehow unsure of how it would be read, then you could strengthen both the intention and the message/compliment with this emoji. It’s the ideal non-awkward way of telling something nice to anybody without being creepy (unless you’re typing out something creepy).

  • Nice hair! 😁 as opposed to I’d love to run my fingers through your hair 😁 (no, don’t do that)

Sharing Positivity

Lastly, this emoji works great in any positive conversation – it could be sharing positive news, updates, or anything that would most likely end with an optimistic exclamation. 😁 enhances the power of any positive textual message. You could also send something sarcastically positive with this emoji. However, we recommend using that side of the story only for those who are relatively closer and known to you. It could just be rude and unbecoming with strangers and acquaintances.

Related Emojis

The smiling eyes and the wide toothy smile are the defining characteristics of the 😁 beaming face with smiling eyes emoji. The smile is unique to this emoji, but the smiling eyes define authenticity in other emojis just as much as they do in this one. Here are all the emojis with smiling eyes.

😊 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

Like the 😁 beaming face with smiling eyes emoji, this one too is characterized by a pair of smiling eyes. However, the smile here is soberer and tends towards a warmer curve than a child-like grin. 😊 portrays a welcoming and polite expression, hence proving to be the perfect emoji in almost every context. It is also the safest, especially with strangers.

😄 Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Emoji

This one’s a little similar to the current emoji as it does shine a toothy grin, but one that ain’t toothy enough to beam. The expression on this emoji combines excitement, warmth, and amiability. It can also be a responsive symbol to a pleasant surprise – all due to the presence of smiling eyes. Without this face-lift, this emoji would only be a 😀 grinning face.

😸 Grinning Cat With Smiling Eyes Emoji

😸 is the cat variant of the previous 😄 emoji. It suggests an animated sense of excitement expressed by a cat. Though that’s the literal reading of this pictograph, this emoji could also symbolize a manner of expressing like a cat – given that so many of us are “cat people”. Overall, 😸 is a cute emoji, all the more because it’s a cat with smiling eyes!

In Conclusion

The 😁 beaming face with smiling eyes emoji is the most genuine of all smiling emojis. The credits for this positive superlativeness go to the smiling and the innocent smile that bears all teeth to the viewer. It’s an emoji that conveys an optimistic, confident, and bubbly virtual vibration. However, not everything is so painless about this emoji as it can also be conveniently used in sarcastic contexts. 😁 is a great emoji to communicate anything from encouragement to criticism, as it helps translate any conversation with a sense of light-heartedness.