🦽 Manual Wheelchair


Manual Navigation, Self Maneuvre, Accident, Medical Assistance, Paralympics, Para Athletics

🦽 Meaning: A left-facing wheelchair, characterized by a large wheel, a chair with a cushioned seat, a footrest below, and a smaller wheel beneath it. There’s also an armrest next to the wheel.

The 🦽 Manual Wheelchair emoji signifies manual maneuvering of a wheelchair that is used when there’s been an incident that renders the lower half of the body irresponsive.

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How and When to Use the 🦽 Manual Wheelchair Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone about your upgrade from crutches to a wheelchair, or you’re sharing a social media story/post of the same, you can use 🦽 in those contexts.
  • Use 🦽 while posting or reposting anything related to para-athletics; it can be a news post, an inspirational video, anything.
  • Along the same lines, you could bring the 🦽 emoji into your social media profile name if you are a para-athlete, or not; but a temporary or permanent wheelchair user.
  • If you’re a wheelchair user, you could use 🦽 to even signify moving away from negativity. For example, “Aight. That’s outrageously obnoxious. I’m outta here 🦽💨” (use the appropriate emoji to indicate your emotion).
  • 🦽 does not necessarily refer to a human wheelchair user, it could be an animal wheelchair user too.

Other Names

  • 🦽 Moving Chair
  • 🦽 Chair on Wheels
  • 🦽 Wheelchair
  • 🦽 Medical Assistance
  • 🦽 Chair Used for Medical Assistance
  • 🦽 Paralympics