🚧 Construction


Road Block, Construction Sign, Work in Progress, Mental Blockage, Writer’s Block, Halt, No Entry

🚧 Meaning: A pair of posts with bulb-like yellow structures at the top of each. There are two yellow and black striped boards placed between the two poles that are parallelly apart from each other.

The 🚧 Construction emoji signifies a roadblock, which can be used to suggest a construction site or any other reason for the blockage. This emoji could also suggest other forms of blockage such as a mental block.

Copy and paste this emoji:

How and When to Use the 🚧 Construction Emoji

  • If you’ve been feeling blocked out of someone’s life or you have been literally blocked out of his/her social media, you can use 🚧 while texting someone about it or while making a meme out of it. Like, “The best way to get blocked by your online friends is to be yourself 🚧”.
  • If you’re texting someone or sharing a social media post/story about a mental blockage or a writer’s block that you’re going through or, you can use 🚧. For example, “Some days, my mind is limitless and some days, it can’t spell the meaning in anything 🚧”.
  • If you’re sharing a social media post that needs immediate attention, you can use 🚧. The catchy colors used in this emoji are bound to grab eyes. For instance, “READ THE CAPTION 🚧”.
  • You could also use 🚧 as a way of stopping someone or something or telling someone to stop something they’re doing or saying. For example, “Don’t you get it? You’re the problem. Stop killing people with kindness 🚧. You have a life. Be kind to yourself first”.

Other Names

  • 🚧 Construction Site
  • 🚧 Building Site
  • 🚧 Ongoing Construction
  • 🚧 Road Block
  • 🚧 Blockage
  • 🚧 Halt
  • 🚧 No Entry
  • 🚧 No Trespassing