📜 Scroll


Letter, Confidentiality, Royalty, Parchment, Antiquity, History, Information, Communication

📜 Meaning: A vertical sheet of papyrus with ancient writings (or modern, who could tell) curled on the top and bottom borders. The 📜 Scroll emoji signifies news and an ancient mode of information and communication, which could, in turn, symbolize history and the past.

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How and When to Use the 📜 Scroll Emoji

  • If you’re using references to ‘the past’ you could use 📜, in a post caption, a text message, etc. For instance, “The past hardly exists 📜and so does someone else’s past image of you“.
  • If you’re posting a picture or texting someone, the idea behind both being ‘history’, 📜 could be your history buddy in both cases. For example, “Oh, he’s history 📜” or “People are trapped in history and history, in people 📜”.
  • Scrolls were used during the reign of queens and kings. They represent a mode of communication that belonged to ancient royalty. So, 📜 could be used to signify a sense of being royal or sharing ‘royal news’ as well. Like, “I have news, your highness 📜. You are fired”.
  • You could also use 📜 while sharing interesting historic facts and links to intriguing articles about the past, and not just quotes or text messages that capture the essence.

Other Names

  • 📜 Papyrus Scroll
  • 📜 Manuscript
  • 📜 Paper
  • 📜 Document
  • 📜 Parchment
  • 📜 Scripture
  • 📜 Degree