🧹 Broom


Cleaning, Dusting, Sweeping, Sweep Off, Push Away, Cleanse, Rake, Collect

🧹 Meaning: A brown broom, with a handle and a band around the blonde bristles of the same color. The 🧹 Broom emoji represents the sweeping or ‘brooming’ stick used in many households. It signifies cleaning, dusting, and the metaphorical interpretations of sweeping.

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How and When to Use the 🧹 Broom Emoji

  • 🧹 can be one among the many suitable emojis for positivity and the other good vibes. For instance, “Just dust away that negativity 🧹” or “Push away toxic people the same way you’d push away dirt 🧹”.
  • Since 🧹 also looks like a besom or a witch’s broom, this emoji can be used in spooky contexts like horror and Halloween.
  • “Sweeping someone off their feet” is commonly a positive connotation; in the absence of pretense – and that’s where the 🧹 would jump in. For example, “He swept her off her feet and landed her in misery 🧹”.
  • While using the literal or metaphorical meaning of ‘cleaning’ or ‘cleansing’, then too, you may use 🧹. Like, “Time to clean my contacts! 🧹”.
  • Sweeping could also suggest a sense of completion or up-gradation/change – “The entire casserole was swept clean! 🧹” or “All office regulations are now a clean sweep! 🧹”

Other Names

  • 🧹 Broomstick
  • 🧹 Brooming
  • 🧹 Cleaning
  • 🧹 Cleaner
  • 🧹 Rake
  • 🧹 Brush
  • 🧹 Sweep
  • 🧹 Sweeper
  • 🧹 Carpet Sweeper
  • 🧹 Mop