💄 Lipstick


Makeup, Beauty, Cosmetics, Glamour, Expression, Art, Artist, Fashion

💄 Meaning: A red lipstick, the top of which is shown with a cylindrical body and a slanting tip. The bottom of the colored stick has a gold ring followed by a fraction of its black case.

The 💄 Lipstick emoji represents any color in the lip color palette. It signifies makeup, cosmetics, beauty, self-expression, fashion, and many other symbols that are sadly directed towards this stick of color.

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How and When to Use the 💄 Lipstick Emoji

  • While sharing empowering posts or reposts particularly for and about audiences that use lipstick, use 💄 in the caption.
  • You could also use 💄 if you’re posting something on expressing yourself. For example, “Screw the labels, girl. Go, be who you were always meant to be 💄”.
  • If you’re texting someone that you’ll be a few minutes late or that you’ll have to leave a few minutes early, you could use 💄. For instance, “I’ll be there in 15. Blame’s on you. I waited long enough and now I need to touch up 💄” or “I’ll be leaving early. There’s a date waiting for me 💄”.
  • And lastly, bring 💄 into captions for content that are precisely about lipsticks; shade-check posts, reposts on a sale, etc. You could also use it in contexts that are about makeup and cosmetics.
  • Use 💄 even while referring to lipstick variants such as lipgloss, chapstick, lip stain, etc.

Other Names

  • 💄 Red Lipstick
  • 💄 Lip Shade
  • 💄 Lip Color
  • 💄 Lip Stain
  • 💄 Lip Gloss
  • 💄 Makeup