🧧 Red Envelope


Monetary Gift, Giving, Weddings, Custom, Auspicious, Money Envelope

🧧 Meaning: A vertically rectangular red envelope with a round sticker printed with Mandarin letters or symbols that mean good luck, happiness, and prosperity, used to keep the flap stuck to the surface.

The 🧧 Red Envelope emoji is quite a common envelope used in many oriental countries while gifting money to someone on a special occasion. Thus, it can signify monetary gifting, gifts, and the overall act of giving.

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How and When to Use the 🧧 Red Envelope Emoji

  • If you couldn’t make it to an important (or optional) event where you would’ve gifted cash, you can still use 🧧 while congratulating/wishing them while you probably (or not) transfer the decided amount via online banking.
  • If you’re uploading a picture of yourself or that of something or someone else that you captured, the essence of which is ‘giving’, then feel free to use 🧧. For example, “Give. Be it love, time, effort, respect or money. Give. It’s always great to give 🧧”.
  • Since red envelopes are generally given during weddings, birthdays, and other ceremonies, you can use 🧧 while sharing content related to any of these themes and other related topics.
  • An example for the previous use-case: “The wedding season is FINALLY here!!! 🧧 Oh, my. I’ve waited FOREVAAA”.

Other Names

  • 🧧 Red Packet
  • 🧧 Money Envelope
  • 🧧 Monetary Gift
  • 🧧 Wedding Gifts
  • 🧧 Birthday and Ceremony Gifts
  • 🧧 Ang Pao
  • 🧧 Hóngbāo
  • 🧧 Lai See
  • 🧧 Red Gift Envelope