©️ Copyright


Permission, Legal Ownership, Owner, Law, Intellectual Property, Patent, Authenticity

©️ Meaning: A capital ‘C’ in dark-grey encompassed by a circle of the same color. The ©️ Copyright emoji represents the trademark used to represent the owner of intellectual property. It signifies the act of copying or duplicating something, but legally.

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How and When to Use the ©️ Copyright Emoji

  • You could also use ©️ while referring to something that’s authentic; either in reference to a piece of content you created, a post caption/quote, or even something you or someone else said on text.
  • Some instances for the previous point are – “Be an original in a world of mirrors ©️”, “Um. As far as I remember. These were indeed your exact words ©️” or “Made this organic wall hanging! ©️”.
  • If you are the owner of any intellectual property; videos, memes, written content, vocal content, etc., and you’re allowing your audience to use the same in their individual contexts, then you may add ©️ to your post caption to indicate the same provide consent.
  • ©️ could also be used as a representation of ‘legal permission’, both literally or metaphorically. Like, “Who gave you the permission to do that?? ©️” or “Permit yourself to see the truth ©️”.
  • Copyright essentially gives the owner the legal right to duplicate his/her work. Hence, if you are posting or reposting copyrighted content on your social media handle or sharing the same via direct message (DM), you can use ©️. Like, “Follow for more memes! ©️”.

Other Names

  • ©️ Copyright Mark
  • ©️ Legal Rights
  • ©️ Legal Ownership
  • ©️ Intellectual Property
  • ©️ Trademark
  • ©️ Patent
  • ©️ Trade Secret