🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down


Inverse Pyramid, Priority, Descending, Downward, Down, Decrease, Reduce

🔻 Meaning: A bright red equal-sided triangle pointing downwards, sometimes shown with a black outline. The 🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down emoji has numerous interpretations as an ‘inverted triangle’ apart from just a ‘going down’ button or a sign of decrease.

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How and When to Use the 🔻 Red Triangle Pointed Down Emoji

  • From a journalistic/media POV, you could apply 🔻 to convey priority, in both a literal and metaphorical bracket, of course. For instance, “Cover the most important stories first 🔻” or “You gotta prioritize every minute of your life and decide what is worthy of that moment 🔻”.
  • Alchemically speaking, 🔻 symbolizes water. So, if you’re a fan of alchemy or you just like experimenting with emojis (like us), use this emoji to interpret water.
  • ‘Down’ can be understood in various ways, and you can use 🔻 for all of them. For instance, “I’mma get down to it 🔻”, “If you want to know how things work, get down with it 🔻” or “No patronizing in here 🔻”.
  • An inverted triangle is also, at times, consumed as a body shape. If in any case, you’re referring to an “inverted triangle” shaped human form, you may use 🔻.
  • And from a more obvious viewpoint, you could use 🔻 as a navigational arrow, wherein, the point of observation or the subject of the context is below this arrow. Like, “Look here 🔻”.

Other Names

  • 🔻 Inverted Red Triangle
  • 🔻 Upside Down Red Triangle
  • 🔻 Inversed Red Triangle
  • 🔻 Red Triangle Turned Upside Down
  • 🔻 Down-Pointing Red Triangle
  • 🔻 Red Triangle Pointing Downwards

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