💠 Diamond With Dot


Ice, Diamond, Shiny, Flower, Kawaii, Jewelry, Icy, Cool, Freezing, Frozen, Blue

💠 Meaning: An icy blue rhombus bordered with a darker shade of blue and detailed with four round blue points on each side, thus meeting each end of the ‘X’ intersection within. At the center is a white or yellow dot.

The 💠 Diamond With Dot emoji could signify ice, for most of it. However, it may also suggest plain diamonds, jewelry, and ice as a metaphor for the same. This emoji may have implications based on the characteristics of a diamond too.

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How and When to Use the 💠 Diamond With Dot Emoji

  • If you’re talking about something that’s cold, literally, as in the season or temperature, or metaphorical as in a cold vibe/person, you could use 💠. Like, “Just chilling with this chilled cup of chocolate 💠” or “Yikes. Seems like I can sense some hostility here 💠”.
  • Similarly, if you’re trying to convey freezing temperatures with an emoji, 💠 might just be the perfect one – “The peas I left in the fridge are crystal beads now 💠” or “It was freezing, but weirdly, warm 💠”.
  • 💠 may interpret as a flower glyph too. You can apply this emoji while directly referring to a flower, the aspects of one or even a sense of something being floral or flowery – “Reduce the amount of flowery language, please 💠” or “Here’s a blue lotus to make your day 💠”.
  • Generally, you may use 💠 in the context of anything blue; the sky, water, a Monday, etc. For example, “The sky is bluuuutifull 💠” or “You’re like water 💠Free-flowing, yet tough and merciless”.
  • While indicating that someone or something is a diamond or a gem, 💠 could be that point of reference. For instance, “Aww such a gem! 💠”.

Other Names

  • 💠 Diamond
  • 💠 Ice Cube
  • 💠 Icy/Ice
  • 💠 Blue Diamond
  • 💠 Blue Diamond With Dot
  • 💠 Flower/Floral/Flowery
  • 💠 Cuteness
  • 💠 Kawaii
  • 💠 Diamond Flower
  • 💠 Diamond Shape With a Dot Inside