🔺 Red Triangle Pointing Up


Up, Increase, Growth, Improvement, Nazi Prisoner of War, Warning Sign

🔺 Meaning: A glossy equilateral triangle sometimes bordered with a black outline. Interpretations of the 🔺 Red Triangle Pointing Up emoji vividly shape-shifts from gruesome parts of history to mere warning signs.

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How and When to Use the 🔺 Red Triangle Pointing Up Emoji

  • You can use 🔺 to suggest an ‘upward’ heirarchy at the workplace, in life, in relationships, anything (refrain from making it capitalist or patriarchal, they’re both disgusting).
  • Few examples for the previous point – “If you start from scratch so you have a strong foundation 🔺” or “Its impossible to get anywhere with anybody with you cannot relate with the at the basic level 🔺”.
  • Any upward arrow in any shape, size, or form is bound to have a prominent appearance in positive economic contexts, and 🔺 is no different – “Really proud to see your economic growth 🔺” or “Gotta keep your stakes high and see who still stays🔺”.
  • Also, 🔺 can be part of the list of traffic signs and symbols. Given the popular command of the red color to be a sign of warning or ‘Stop’, you can use this emoji in the same way, literally and figuratively.
  • Some instances supporting the previous point – “You better watch what you’re doing with your life 🔺” or “ 🔺 TRIGGER WARNING 🔺”.

Other Names

  • 🔺 Upward Red Triangle
  • 🔺 Red Triangle Pointing Upward
  • 🔺 Up Red Triangle
  • 🔺 STOP Triangle
  • 🔺 Warning Triangle
  • 🔺 Prisoner of War Badge (during the Nazi times)
  • 🔺 Uninverted Red Triangle