🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony


Tradition, Appreciation, Moon, Beauty, Grace, Celebration, Autumn, Harvest Season

🎑 Meaning: A postcard depiction of an autumn night with a quarter description of the full moon, a pair of susuki grass stalks to the left, and a table with descendingly arranged dangos or rice dumplings on the right.

The 🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony signifies an auspicious Japanese event of appreciating and celebrating the lunar beauty and grace. This emoji also suggests the autumn season which means harvest season as well.

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How and When to Use the 🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony Emoji

  • While posting or reposting anything related to the harvest season; a quote, a picture, a post about your own field harvest, etc, you could use 🎑 in the caption.
  • Similarly, 🎑 also symbolizes autumn. So, this emoji would be one of the best options when it comes to autumn-related content; a skincare video, a post on self-care, a picture of the autumn weather, etc.
  • Coming to the moon-viewing part. If you’re sharing a post/repost on your social media handle or as a direct message (DM) about the moon; poetry, art, quotes, astrology, and of course, the ceremony, use 🎑.
  • You can also use 🎑 while sharing something about Japanese tradition, festivities, culture, etc.

Other Names

  • 🎑 Tsukimi
  • 🎑 Otsukimi
  • 🎑 Jugoya
  • 🎑 Moon-Viewing
  • 🎑 Japanese Moon-Viewing Ceremony
  • 🎑 Mid-Autumn Festival
  • 🎑 Autumn Moon
  • 🎑 Full Moon

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