☢️ Radioactive


Hazard, Danger, Toxicity, Nuclear Power, Harmful, Lethal, Deception, Negativity

☢️ Meaning: An orange disc or rounded circular surface with a radioactive symbol in white; containing three fan-like tapering rectangles surrounding a small white circle at the center.

The ☢️ Radioactive emoji indicates radioactivity. It suggests hazard, danger, and toxicity. Besides, this emoji may also symbolize toxic relationships, negativity, and even ‘side effects’ or painful aftermaths.

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How and When to Use the ☢️ Radioactivity Emoji

  • Metaphorically, ‘radioactive nature’ or the nature of toxicity is not just limited to elements, but to people, conversations, and situations too. Like, “Stay away from toxic energy ☢️ It comes in all shapes and sizes” or “Looks like toxicity implodes once it fails to find a scapegoat ☢️”.
  • Speaking of toxicity, ☢️ can be used in the context of interpersonal relationships as well. For example, “10 signs you live in a toxic family ☢️” or “You’d understand this if you’ve been in a toxic relationship ☢️”.
  • Although radioactive elements are hazardous, they’re undoubtedly beautiful – which means, ☢️ can also symbolize ‘deception’. For instance, “Don’t fall for all that glitter. You no nothing yet ☢️”.
  • Even while talking about nuclear weaponry, plants, material, etc., or nukes, ☢️ is mandatory; be it news posts, post captions, educative reposts, etc.
  • From a direct POV, ☢️ is apt in the contexts of radioactivity, radioactive elements, the science behind (and of) radioactivity, etc. So, the next time you share content related to such themes, bring in this emoji.

Other Names

  • ☢️ Radioactivity
  • ☢️ Toxicity
  • ☢️ Hazard/Hazardous
  • ☢️ Danger
  • ☢️ Chemical Hazard
  • ☢️ Nuclear
  • ☢️ International Radiation Symbol
  • ☢️ Radioactive Sign