🔞 No One Under Eighteen


Minor, Juvenile, Child, Adult Content, Below Legal Age, NSFW, Viewer Discretion Advised

🔞 Meaning: An ’18’ in white printed onto a black background and struck across with a 🚫 Prohibition. The 🔞 No One Under Eighteen emoji signifies that people under the age of 18 are not allowed into a particular place. It could also be a reference to ‘adult content’ or viewer discretion.

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How and When to Use the 🔞 No One Under Eighteen Emoji

  • In many countries, the age of 18 years is constituted to be the legal age; for drinking, employment, driving, etc. So, if you’re referring to something ‘illegal’ from this perspective, you could use 🔞.
  • Examples for the previous point – “Child labor hasn’t yet been banned in many blue-collar workplaces across the country 🔞” or “Fall in love, but wait until you’re capable enough for marriage 🔞”.
  • People below 18 years of age are also considered to be ‘juveniles’ or ‘minors’. Hence, while referring to this age range, you could use 🔞. For instance, “He served juvenile detention for a month 🔞” or “Minors should be educated before they are tried 🔞”.
  • 🔞 largely represents ‘adult content’ or something that should not be consumed without parental advice or support, in the world of media. Hence, while talking about this ‘adult’ stuff, you may use this emoji.
  • While sharing a post or a repost of an event where customers/spectators/audience below the age of 18 are not allowed, you must use 🔞 in the caption to indicate the same.

Other Names

  • 🔞 Juvenile
  • 🔞 Below Legal Age
  • 🔞 Minor
  • 🔞 Children
  • 🔞 NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
  • 🔞 No One Under Eighteen Symbol
  • 🔞 Adult Content