⛔ No Entry


Restriction, Limitation, Control, Do Not Disturb, DND, Disallowance, Alert

Meaning: A red circle with a short and thick white horizontal line at the center. The ⛔ No Entry emoji signifies restriction to a specific (or general) place, situation, conversation, etc. It is also used as an ‘alert’ emoji sometimes.

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How and When to Use the ⛔ No Entry Emoji

  • If you’re suggesting disallowance in any context, use ⛔. For instance, “Nope. That “friend” of yours wouldn’t be allowed ⛔”, or “I’m sorry. We won’t be entertaining such a tone in here ⛔”.
  • ⛔ may also symbolize a ban or a sense of banning something (or someone). Like, “Negative thoughts are banned this year! ⛔” or “What would it take to ban opportunists in my life??!! ⛔”.
  • If you’re sharing a social media status, a post/repost, or even a text message indicating the receiver/viewer not to disturb you or be of any disturbance, bring in ⛔. For example, “DND ⛔” or “I’ll be taking a walk now. Please don’t disturb me . The walk is out of your life”.
  • Since ⛔ is counted under the ‘alert’ emojis, you can use it while sharing content that needs urgent attention or even while sharing a ‘report’ of anything – “The recent news report of today’s incident ⛔”.

Other Names

  • ⛔ Do Not Enter
  • ⛔ Restricted Entry
  • ⛔ Do Not Disturb
  • ⛔ Red Circle With White Line
  • ⛔ No Entry Symbol
  • ⛔ Red Alert
  • ⛔ Alert