🤰 Pregnant Woman


Baby Shower, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Gestation, Pregnancy Scares, Pregnancy Glow Up

🤰 Meaning: A generic representation of a woman with medium length, side-parted hair, and a baby bump that she’s holding on either side with both hands. This is the only abdomen-length emoji character.

The 🤰 Pregnant Woman emoji refers to pregnancy, as the name suggests. It signifies motherhood and the human gestation period. However, it can also suggest pregnancy scares, or even a food baby (eating so much that it feels like your stomach is carrying a baby in it).

This emoji is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🤰 Pregnant Woman Emoji

  • If you’re expecting a baby, and you’re posting pictures from your baby shower or pregnancy photoshoot, then you can use 🤰 in the post caption.
  • You can use 🤰 in a casual, light-hearted and funny way of asking your best friend to be aware and not stupid while she’s on her way to her boyfriend’s house or a wild party she’s been ranting about.
  • 🤰 can be used in a terrifying conversation about a missed period.
  • If the pandemic has got you hogging all that’s edible and you’re starting to grow a food bump, then you can use 🤰 either while telling your buddies or while posting social media stories about it.
  • If you just watched an extremely arousing video or saw a super hot picture and you’re sending this thirst-quenching post to your bestie, send the 🤰 emoji along to indicate that the person in that video almost got you visually pregnant.
  • If someone’s giving unnecessary and patriarchal comments about your body, use the Rachel come back and say “No uterus. No opinion 🤰”.

Other Names

  • 🤰 Pregnancy
  • 🤰 Motherhood
  • 🤰 Baby Bump
  • 🤰 Baby Shower
  • 🤰 Food Baby
  • 🤰 Pregnancy Scare
  • 🤰 Mom-To-Be
  • 🤰 Gestation Period
  • 🤰 Womb
  • 🤰 Uterus
  • 🤰 No Uterus. No Opinion.