😣 Persevering Face


Helpless, Struggle, Strife, Exhaustion, Strife, Getting by, Vulnerability, Enough is Enough

😣 Meaning: A yellow face with furrowed eyebrows, scrunched in eyes, and a sad downfaced curve for a mouth. This emoji suggests strife, hard work, and a sense of hitting a dead end.

The 😣 Persevering Face emoji signifies a sense of physical and mental exhaustion, a breakdown in the process of hard work, emotional vulnerability, and helplessness.

This emoji essentially animates the human emotion of ‘pushing through’ or just ‘getting by’ each day or hardship and tired of waiting for delayed gratification.

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How and When to Use the 😣 Persevering Face Emoji

  • If you’re telling a close friend or even a parent about your everyday struggles, use this emoji in that context.
  • You can also use this emoji while expressing emotional exhaustion.
  • This emoji can be brought into conversations about challenges and hard work too.
  • Use this emoji while telling a close someone about a helpless situation.

Other Names

  • 😣 Helplessness
  • 😣 Struggling
  • 😣 Exhaustion
  • 😣 Vulnerable
  • 😣 Scrunched Eyes
  • 😣 Helpless Face
  • 😣 Strife
  • 😣 Irritated
  • 😣 Enough is Enough Face

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