🛃 Customs


Air Travel, Airport Procedure, Safety, Checks, Scrutiny, Goods Checking

🛃 Meaning: A rounded blue square with the white print of a person same as the official in 🛂 Passport Controls, but directing his extended arm into an opened suitcase or luggage.

The 🛃 Customs emoji represents one of the most important airport procedures; luggage checking. This emoji signifies scrutiny, safety, checking, air travel, and a sense of radaring incoming goods.

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How and When to Use the 🛃 Customs Emoji

  • Customs essentially checks one’s travel kits, suitcases, luggage, etc. This process could be used on a smaller scale of ‘security checks’ as well. Like, “They have bag checking at the entrance, btw 🛃” or “You wouldn’t be able to sneak in a single edible into the place 🛃”.
  • Being part of the security team requires practice and training as any profession. So, while referring to ‘training’ precisely to be in the security operations or generally, you can use 🛃.
  • Speaking of training 🛃 may even suggest ‘qualification’. For example, “Your qualification doesn’t matter as long as you’re skilled enough 🛃” or “It’s sad that passion and talent are only boiled down to certification of qualification 🛃”.
  • You may bring 🛃 into the context of physical searches and frisks as well. For instance, “That entire bag was frisked 🛃” or “They were excessively searched just because of their skin tone 🛃. Sick”.

Other Names

  • 🛃 Customs Officer
  • 🛃 Airport Checking
  • 🛃 Airport Scrutiny
  • 🛃 Duties
  • 🛃 Levies
  • 🛃 Tariff
  • 🛃 Airport Customs
  • 🛃 Air Travel Customs