✳️ Eight-Spoked Asterisk


Correction, TnC, Bullet Points, Pointer, Censorship, Concise, Reiteration

✳️ Meaning: A white circular design made of eight spokes printed onto a green square box. The ✳️ Eight-Spoked Asterisk is essentially a blown-up, emoji-version of the ‘*’ (asterisk). It signifies correction, special note/notice, or bullet points.

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How and When to Use the ✳️ Eight-Spoked Asterisk Emoji

  • If you’re putting up personal post with a caption that surrounds a ‘correction’ or a sense of correcting someone (literally or metaphorically), you could use ✳️. Like, “For the last time, it’s NOT zee-bra. It’s ze-bra ✳️” or “Does your name get horribly mispronounced too? ✳️”.
  • Asterisks are vital for contexts that have subsections of content in them. If you’re sarcastically pointing out such a section or genuinely typing a caption/text message resonating with the same, bring in ✳️.
  • Some instances for the previous use-case – “80% percent off, but only on damaged, unloved and emotionally unavailable tapestries ✳️or “Happy birthday! But, wait. You’re just another day older and closer to death ✳️”.
  • You may use ✳️ as bullet points while jotting down points in a text message or conveying some important bite-size content in a post caption.

Other Names

  • ✳️ Green Asterisk
  • ✳️ Asterisk Bullet Point
  • ✳️ Bullet
  • ✳️ Censor
  • ✳️ Pointer
  • ✳️ Asterisk With Eight Spokes
  • ✳️ Correction
  • ✳️ Terms and Conditions