📙 Orange Book


Recipe Book, Cookbook, FDA Book, Listings, Content, Knowledge, Rules

📙 Meaning: An orange-covered book with ‘Vol 4’ printed on the front cover and a few wordings below it. From a realistic POV, the 📙 Orange Book emoji would represent the FDA-Approved list of drugs with therapeutic equivalence, but generally, it suggests a cookbook/recipe book.

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How and When to Use the 📙 Orange Book Emoji

  • If you’re sharing recipes on your social media handle as a post or a DM with the link to a video/article, you could use 📙 in the caption. For example, “All those yummy recipes are in here! 📙”.
  • From the same plane of usage, you could also use 📙 while indicating that someone’s “cooking up something”. Like, “Ayo. I don’t trust him. He makes up all sorts of stuff. Pretty sure he has a book for them 📙”.
  • Basing on the main interpretation of 📙 – FDA. If you’re posting or reposting content relating to the Food and Drug Administration in any way, use this emoji in the caption; news posts, informative posts, etc.
  • 📙 relates to a list of FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs. So, if you’re sharing content about medicines, pharmaceuticals, etc, you could use this emoji; interesting fact posts, information, policies, etc.

Other Names

  • 📙 The Orange Book
  • 📙 Cookbook
  • 📙 Recipe Book
  • 📙 FDA Approved Drug Listings
  • 📙 FDA Book
  • 📙 List of Drugs With Therapeutic Equivalence
  • 📙 Orange Textbook
  • 📙 Volume 4