📚 Books


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📚 Meaning: Three hardbound books shabbily stacked up one above the with the bottom book in blue bind, the middle, in red bind and the top book in green bind.

The 📚 Books emoji represents a bundle of books. It may act as a synecdoche to a library and the book house, apart from signifying study books, novels, avid reading, and education.

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How and When to Use the 📚 Books Emoji

  • If you’re texting a close somebody about how you’ve been in bad/good books with someone or vice versa, use 📚. Similarly, you may also use this emoji while advising someone about the same. Like, “I’d suggest you be in good books with him 📚. He’s a good chap“.
  • Use 📚 while posting content related to a library opening, a library event, an open reading event, anything that involves loads of books.
  • If you’re putting up a social media story/post about staying away from social media, your art on your page, anything, you may use 📚 as a way of saying “I’ll be closing the books on this one till the end of this month! 📚”.
  • From a general POV, use 📚 in the caption while sharing content related to reading, education, learning, about books being your besties, or even in conversations while telling someone to read more or know better about something or someone.
  • 📚 could be a mascot for bookworms too.

Other Names

  • 📚 Stack of Book
  • 📚 Library
  • 📚 Reading Books
  • 📚 Three Books
  • 📚 Bundle of Books
  • 📚 Textbooks
  • 📚 Pile of Books
  • 📚 Education