📓 Notebook


Education, Learning, Notes, Observations, Jotting Down, Schooling, University

📓 Meaning: An upright book with a black and white hardcover and the word ‘Notes’ written in black within a white label. The 📓 Notes emoji represents student notes irrespective of the subject. It could symbolize the art of observation, handy tips, pointers, learning, and education.

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How and When to Use the 📓 Notebook Emoji

  • Taking down notes is a consequence of observation with the intention of better memory. Hence, 📓 could also be used in the context of observing – “You need to observe in order to learn 📓”.
  • 📓 could also be used as a reference to ‘mental notes’. Like, “You better keep making mental notes while you’re there! 📓”.
  • If you’re talking about ‘collecting memories’, or a ‘compilation’ of some written content, you can use 📓. For example, “Here’s a glimpse to the bigger batch of some of our best work 📓” or “This is pretty much all that I’ve done through university 📓”.
  • Speaking of university, you could also use 📓 while posting pictures from your first/last day there, a tribute post, or even a story about the start of someone else’s time in college. For instance, “Now that you’re in college, you better do the thinking 📓”

Other Names

  • 📓 Student’s Notebook
  • 📓 Notes Book
  • 📓 Taking Notes
  • 📓 Jotting Down Book
  • 📓 Studies
  • 📓 Studying
  • 📓 Textbook