♂️ Male Sign


Masculinity, Male Identity, Mars, Men, Gender, Patriarchy, Manhood

♂️ Meaning: A green circle with an upward arrow diagonally sticking out from the top right of the circle. The ♂️ Male Sign emoji is a symbol for the male gender. It signifies masculinity, apart from planetarily sharing its identity with Mars!

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How and When to Use the ♂️ Male Sign Emoji

  • Since ♂️ is also the symbol of Mars, you could bring this emoji into contexts that are about the planet; news posts, literary reposts, astrology, horoscopes, etc.
  • Dropping the ♂️ into any framework would instantly suggest that the context is masculine or is about the male identity. This emoji can cover every male identity, like a gay man (♂️♂️).
  • While sharing content for men or by them, you could use ♂️. For example, “Ten skincare hacks for all the men who think skincare is feminine ♂️”.
  • With masculinity, ♂️ has evolved an array of interpretations, thanks to our wonderful patriarchal system. From indicating mansplaining and patriarchy itself, this emoji could suggest toxic masculinity too. However, each to his own, ♂️ has its good side as well (not all men, after all). Like, “I’m proud to be raised by a feminist dad ♂️”.

Other Names

  • ♂️ Masculine
  • ♂️ Male Symbol
  • ♂️ Mars Symbol
  • ♂️ Male Identity
  • ♂️ Masculinity
  • ♂️ Men
  • ♂️ Man Symbol