🎐 Wind Chime


Summer, Optimism, Good Luck, Wind Instrument, Music, Peace, Calm

🎐 Meaning: A dome-like glass structure shown either with a plain covering or one that’s floral printed, with a thin string passing through the middle and ending in a rectangular piece of paper at the bottom.

The 🎐 Wind Chime emoji represents a Japanese wind chime. It signifies the summer, positivity, and good luck. This emoji could also be used to refer to regular wind chimes too.

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How and When to Use the 🎐 Wind Chime Emoji

  • Since wind chimes bring about a sense of relaxation and peace, you can use 🎐 in related contexts. For example, “Look. Everything WILL fall into place, okay? Just breathe in some peace for now, please? 🎐”.
  • You could also use 🎐 in the caption for posts/reposts that are about peace, inner peace, calm, or resonate with these themes. For instance, “If you closely listen, the beach is a meditative spot. Just you, the water, the skies, and the sand 🎐”.
  • If you’re sharing a summery picture, video, a summer-based artwork, a song about the season (or one that makes it feel like summer), a person, etc, bring 🎐 into the caption.
  • Use 🎐 while wishing someone ‘good luck!’ or even while posting something that goes along the same lines. Like, “Happy married lives, guys! Have a great one! 🎐”.

Other Names

  • 🎐 Furin
  • 🎐 Japanese Wind Chime
  • 🎐 Wind Instrument
  • 🎐 Wind Chimes
  • 🎐 Jellyfish
  • 🎐 Wind Bell