📴 Mobile Phone Off


Switched Off, Turn Off, Unavailable, Unreachable, Reality, Focus, Dead Phone

📴 Meaning: An outlined smartphone, same as the one described in the 📳 Vibration Mode, but characterized by a capital ‘OFF’ on the right border of the outline.

The 📴 Mobile Phone Off emoji either suggests a dead phone, a dead telephone line, or a phone that was shut down. Either way, this emoji signifies turning off a device, human emotions, overthinking, negative thoughts, anything that’s distracting.

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How and When to Use the 📴 Mobile Phone Off Emoji

  • A switched off mobile phone clearly indicates unavailability. So, if you’re referring to someone who’s not available on their phone or in any other aspect, you may use 📴. For example, “Oh. Sorry. I’m an emotionally unavailable mess 📴 Good day!”.
  • You could also use 📴 to suggest that your phone’s about to die any moment. Likewise, if your ability to socialize and be on your phone is dying as well, you can bring in this emoji. For instance, “Yep. Enough socializing for the day. Gonna go out and live, rn 📴”.
  • Switching off your phone, voluntarily, symbolizes that you have better things to do or that something is more important than a cellular distraction. Like, “Going out on a very very important date. Bye 📴”.
  • And from a generic POV, 📴 could also be interpreted as a great way to make real connections and live a real-life, not just for the gram – “Turn off your phone 📴 Honestly, that’ll be the best thing you do for yourself”.
  • Also, 📴 could be generalized across all electronic devices.

Other Names

  • 📴 Switch Off Mobile Phone
  • 📴 Turn Off Cell
  • 📴 Dead Battery
  • 📴 Dead Cellphone
  • 📴 Switched/Switch Off
  • 📴 Unavailable Mobile
  • 📴 Mobile Phone Switched Off