📳 Vibration Mode


Alert, Notification, Vibration, Vibe, Sensation, Personal Experience, Ringing

📳 Meaning: A white outlined 📱 Mobile Phone with a pair of short and long curved lines on either side of the device. This symbolic representation of a vibrating phone is pasted onto a yellow squared background.

The 📳 Vibration Mode emoji represents one of a phone’s states of being. It suggests a personal alert unless the vibration is so loud it triggers the surrounding. This emoji may also indicate other kinds of ‘vibration’ too.

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How and When to Use the 📳 Vibration Mode Emoji

  • A vibration is a sensation that can be felt on the surface of the vibrating object. Hence, if you’re referring to all those good or bad vibes or vibrations that you could sense off someone or something, 📳 could be a quirky addition.
  • Examples for the previous point – “I could literally feel his anger and negativity like a vibrating cell phone 📳” or “Vibe with people who match your vibe 📳 Otherwise, no one would answer that call”.
  • One main reason why phones are put on vibrate and not silent is to be able to tend to notifications without creating any disturbance. Like, “There are some things that ought to be done and lived through only by you 📳 No one else would learn and know the intensity of it“.
  • Speaking of notifications, 📳 could be coupled with emojis that are alerting by nature. For instance, “Stay tuned for more updates! 📳🔔”.

Other Names

  • 📳 Vibrating Phone
  • 📳 Mobile Phone on Vibrate Mode
  • 📳 Vibrate Mode: ON
  • 📳 Notification
  • 📳 Alert
  • 📳 Vibrating
  • 📳 Phone Heart
  • 📳 Silent Mode