💼 Briefcase


Office Bag, Important Documents, Business, Work, Folder, Suitcase, Protection

💼 Meaning: A brown briefcase with a short handle on top, a buckle holding down the covering flap, and a simple vertical design with a darker shade in between.

The 💼 Briefcase emoji would represent an office bag, laptop bag, and any other case that’s generally used for a professional setting. This emoji would also signify security and protection for anything important.

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How and When to Use the 💼 Briefcase Emoji

  • On common grounds, 💼 would largely fall into the business sector. So, if you’re posting or reposting business-related content, sharing a post or text message with a business-y essence, you can use 💼.
  • Examples for the previous use-case would be – “Click here to read the latest business news 💼”, “A big business starts small 💼” or “Oh, I’m sorry. I was busy keeping people’s noses out of my business 💼”.
  • From a business POV, 💼 can also be used in the frameworks of motivation, inspiration, success, etc. For instance, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs 💼”.
  • 💼 can be used to refer to any official or even official work. For example, “The tax collectors would be here tomorrow 💼” or “Got to go! Govt. official on duty 💼”.
  • If you’re posting a social media story or sharing a direct message (DM) saying you’re on the way to work (irrespective of your field of occupation), 💼 could be in the context.

Other Names

  • 💼 Laptop Bag
  • 💼 Office Bag
  • 💼 Documents Holder
  • 💼 Portfolio
  • 💼 Documents
  • 💼 Folder
  • 💼 Case
  • 💼 Brown Briefcase
  • 💼 Suitcase