⛺ Tent


Camping, Outdoor Adventure, Safety, Enclosure, Awning, Confinement

Meaning: A double-colored tent that’s orange on the outside and yellow at the front folded portion. The entire tent is held in place with four nails at each corner.

The ⛺ Tent emoji can suggest camping, heading outdoors, and doing outdoorsy adventures. It can also signify safety (to some extent, in literal terms), confinement, and enclosure.

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How and When to Use the ⛺ Tent Emoji

  • If you’re texting your friend or a family member that you’ll be staying over at their place, you can use ⛺. Similar to the 🏕 Camping emoji.
  • While discussing a camping or trekking plan for the long weekend, you can use ⛺ in that conversation. Like, “Yaas! Camping is the best option ⛺”.
  • You could also use ⛺ in the captions or text message(s) while sharing your camping pictures and/or videos on social media or via direct message (DM).
  • If you’re asking someone to keep their attitude elsewhere, you could use ⛺ as a way of saying, “Hey, go pitch your wrecking camp elsewhere ⛺. It’s OCCUPIED here!”.
  • While sharing pictures of tents, guess what, you pull this little guy into the caption ⛺! It can be a group of tents, a picture of your tent or a repost of someone else’s, anything.
  • ⛺ can be used to refer to awnings too.

Other Names

  • ⛺ Camping Tent
  • ⛺ Canvas
  • ⛺ Marquee
  • ⛺ Tent House
  • ⛺ Pitching a Tent
  • ⛺ Pitch a Camp
  • ⛺ Awning