ℹ️ Information


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ℹ️ Meaning: A lowercase ‘I’ (i) pasted onto a blue square. The ℹ️ Information emoji represents the tiny circular symbol found on certain webpages of various websites. It suggests further details, more info, or even the information source.

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How and When to Use the ℹ️ Information Emoji

  • Much like hovering the cursor over the ℹ️ in any context provides further details to the given subject, you could also use this emoji in a similar, but metaphorical sense. Like, “Could you please send across further deets? ℹ️” or “This is the only info I have ℹ️”.
  • You could also use ℹ️ while reiterating something. For instance, “And NO. I don’t like that. It’s something I’m allergic to FYI ℹ️” or “Just so you know, I hate that smell ℹ️”.
  • Going just by the symbol of this emoji, it could signify a smaller version of the capital ‘I’, which indeed suggests a smaller, mini, and more humble version of the ‘I’, aka, me, mine, myself. For example, “It’s only when we shed the illusion of the ‘I’ do we become one ℹ️”.
  • ℹ️ could also be used as a replacement for the ‘P.S’ (Please See) sign. Here’s how: “For more info, click here ℹ️” or “ℹ️ Absolutely NO plastic products at the event”.

Other Names

  • ℹ️ Information Symbol
  • ℹ️ More Info
  • ℹ️ Meaning
  • ℹ️ Info
  • ℹ️ Lowercase I
  • ℹ️ Tourist Information
  • ℹ️ Information Source