🇻🇦 Flag: Vatican City


Vanticanien, Rome, Enclave, Italy, Holy See, City-State, Italian, Catholicism, The Vatican

🇻🇦 Meaning: A rectangular flag (sometimes shown as a square), vertically divided at the center; with a yellow left side and a white right side that’s printed with the coat of arms without the red background.

The 🇻🇦 Flag: Vatican City emoji refers to the Vatican City State or the Vatican, an autonomous city-state and a Roman enclave. This emoji is shown as ‘VA’ on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇻🇦 Flag of Vatican City
  • 🇻🇦 Flag of the Vatican
  • 🇻🇦 Flag of the Vatican City State
  • 🇻🇦 Vanticanien Flag
  • 🇻🇦 City-State Code – VA