🇻🇨 Flag: Vincent & Grenadines


Vincentian, Lesser Antilles, Caribbean, Island Country, Windward Islands, Kingstown, Vincentian Creole

🇻🇨 Meaning: A rectangular flag with three vertical stripes; blue, yellow, and green. The middle stripe (yellow) is thicker than the two and is printed with three green rhombuses.

The 🇻🇨 Flag: Vincent & Grenadines emoji represents Saint Vincent; a Caribbean island, situated in the southeast of the Lesser Antilles. This emoji is shown as ‘VC’ on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇻🇨 Flag of Vincent and Grenadines
  • 🇻🇨 Flag of Saint Vincent
  • 🇻🇨 Saint Vincentian/Vincentian Flag
  • 🇻🇨 Vincy Flag (informally speaking)
  • 🇻🇨 Country Code – VC