🇸🇱 Flag: Sierra Leone


Republic of Sierra Leone, Salone, West Africa, Sierra Leonean, Free Town, Islam, Christianity, SL

🇸🇱 Meaning: A rectangular flag designed with a horizontal triband of light green, white and blue stripes passing from the top to the bottom.

The 🇸🇱 Flag: Sierra Leone emoji represents the West African country of the Republic of Sierra Leone, informally known as ‘Salone’. This emoji is shown as ‘SL’ on some platforms.

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Other Names

  • 🇸🇱 Flag of Sierra Leone
  • 🇸🇱 Flag of the Republic of Sierra Leone
  • 🇸🇱 Salone Flag
  • 🇸🇱 Sierra Leonean Flag
  • 🇸🇱 Country Code – SL