🚒 Fire Engine


Fire Rescue, Fire Truck, Ladder Truck, Extinguishing, Safety, Savior, Fire Team

🚒 Meaning: The side profile of a red truck with two portions divided by a stair-like grey structure, windows, sidelights, a pair of wheels, a ladder mounted on top of the truck, and a siren on the driver’s roof.

The 🚒 Fire Engine emoji signifies timely rescue and saving from a fire incident. Metaphorically, this emoji could also suggest that someone or something is too hot to handle, such that the fire team needs to help.

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How and When to Use the 🚒 Fire Engine Emoji

  • Beginning with the metaphorical interpretation – If you’re commenting on a hot post, or you’re replying to a steaming conversation or even parts of it, you can use 🚒 as a way of indicating that, “It’s too much heat to handle 🚒”.
  • Similarly, you can use 🚒 while posting or reposting visually appealing content; in other words, thirsty, hot, and eyegasmic content.
  • 🚒 can be used generally in contexts surrounding themes such as ‘fire’, ‘extinguishing’, ‘firefighter’, ‘rescue’, etc. For instance, (for a picture caption) “All this fire and you were after the flame 🚒”.
  • You can also use 🚒 to indicate that “help is on its way“; it can be in a goofy context, a minor fire incident that you’re trying to manage from a distance, anything.
  • Use 🚒 in the caption or within other textual formats while sharing a tribute post to the firemen in your locality or fire workers in general.

Other Names

  • 🚒 Firetruck
  • 🚒 Fire Truck
  • 🚒 Hook and Ladder
  • 🚒 Ladder Truck
  • 🚒 Fire Rescue
  • 🚒 Fire Engine With Ladder