📁 File Folder


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📁 Meaning: An empty grey rectangular file folder with a tiny elevation on the top rim of one flap. On most platforms, this emoji is yellow and on the rest, it’s blue.

Popularly, the 📁 File Folder emoji represents the ‘folder icon’ found on computers and laptops. Thus, this emoji would signify a case for important documents, just like the function of the electronic file icon.

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How and When to Use the 📁 File Folder Emoji

  • Since 📁 is an empty file folder, it could signify that you’re yet to make some important docs or something that would sell from a professional POV. For example, “I’m yet to put something big onto my CV 📁” or “My portfolio is an empty slate right now 📁”.
  • You can use 📁 even while indicating that something or somebody has been ‘filed under’ a label, tag, or anything that makes categorizing easier. For instance, “I don’t think that would be possible. She’s filed under some of the best employees 📁”.
  • Generally, 📁 can be used to refer to anything of significant importance. Like, “Handle it with care, btw. That stuff is important 📁”.
  • 📁 could be used to refer to downloads; downloadable files, links or even images that ought to be downloaded in order to be consumed – “Click the link to download the rules of the event 📁”.

Other Names

  • 📁 Empty Folder
  • 📁 Folder Icon
  • 📁 Grey Folder
  • 📁 Empty File Folder
  • 📁 Folder
  • 📁 Empty Portfolio
  • 📁 Document Case