👪 Family


Home, Household, Togetherness, Support System, Love, Care, Security, Safety

👪 Meaning: A three-figured emoji representing a gender-neutral family with two identical adults standing next to each other and a child standing in between them, with all of them wearing the same colored clothing.

The 👪 Family emoji refers to a gender-inclusive nuclear family consisting of two parents and a child. It signifies togetherness, a sense of completion, love, care, and a feeling of ‘home’ (it’s subjective, of course).

Although this emoji is supposed to be a ‘gender-neutral’ family, it’s sometimes shown as a heterosexual nuclear family; with a heterosexual couple and a child, on some platforms. It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 👪 Family Emoji

  • Are you sharing a picture or a video as a proud parent or a proud offspring? Then, you must use 👪 in the caption as a way of saying “We’re proud of you 👪”.
  • You can also use 👪 while reposting something that either made you want to cry happy tears or miserable tears, anything family-related.
  • If you’re reposting or retweeting about an “online family” that you’d do anything to be a part of, use 👪 in the caption. Like, if there’s a virtual community for fashion designers, you can either repost or retweet this info and say “This is the kind of family I want to be a part of 👪”.
  • You can also use 👪 while sharing family memes, pranks, fails, any funny content as well. And the ‘family’ used here is not limited only to human families, you can also use this emoji for animals, birds, and families belonging to other species as well.
  • If you’re sharing a story, post, or tweet about a family day out, you can use 👪 in the caption or within the tweet.

Other Names

  • 👪 Gender-Neutral Family
  • 👪 Household
  • 👪 Clan
  • 👪 Tribe
  • 👪 Fam
  • 👪 Familia
  • 👪 Home
  • 👪 “My People”
  • 👪 Nuclear Family