📩 Envelope With Arrow


Reception, Incoming Mails, Downloads, Insertion, Letter Envelopes

📩 Meaning: A white letter envelope with a red downward pointing arrow above the letter. Sometimes, this arrow could also overlap onto the envelope.

The 📩 Envelope With Arrow emoji represents incoming posts, mails, and emails along with a reference to ‘downloads’ on a computer or laptop system. Nonetheless, this emoji suggests being on the receiving end.

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How and When to Use the 📩 Envelope With Arrow Emoji

  • If you’re asking someone to DM (direct message) you 📩 is your buddy. Similarly, this emoji can be multi-purposeful that way. It could be used while referring to physical posts and emails as well.
  • From the perspective of a direct message, 📩 signifies the act of directly receiving something as well. So, if you’re using this POV in a post caption or text message, bring in this emoji – “I’ve always been a giver, receiving is something that’s innately awkward and IDK why 📩”.
  • Use 📩 while referring to downloads and downloading. For example, “Hey, I’ve attached a couple of files, ensure to download them ALL 📩”.
  • 📩 can also be useful while advising an absent-minded person. For instance, “Remember to put the money along with the letter INTO the envelope 📩 INSIDE IT. Not a separate envelope, the SAME one”.

Other Names

  • 📩 Downloads
  • 📩 Receiving Mails
  • 📩 Incoming Mail
  • 📩 Incoming Post
  • 📩 Inbox
  • 📩 Down Arrow Envelope
  • 📩 Insert in Envelope
  • 📩 Envelope With Downward Arrow